PAPIS provide support to oil and gas producers in areas where civil unrest and terrorism may pose a threat as well as regions of social instability and conflict. PAPIS continues to work towards meeting the objective of ensuring security risks to all persons, company information and image are managed in a structured and systematic manner. It is PAPIS’s aim to establish a visible, auditable process to identify and quantify security risks and to ensure that appropriate controls are in place to reduce the company’s exposure to potential losses. 

The security risk management system has been established as an integral part of the normal business practice and procedures implemented to control the following risk areas: 

  • Security of personnel 
  • Travel security 
  • Security of premises and operational assets 
  • Contingency planning covering personnel emergencies, evacuation, extortion, demonstrations and unauthorized site occupation. 
  • Business continuity planning 
  • Information security and the handling of sensitive information