About us

Pan African Petroleum Industrial Services Limited is an independent company established in the year 2005 to provide the oil and gas operators within the continent of Africa immediate technical and logistic support through its network of highly trained and mobile local labor work force.

Our team
Company Policies

PAPIS will strive to ensure her activities do not result in any accidents or incidents with consequence for the health and safety of her employees, client personnel, contractors, members of the public and the environment.

At PAPIS, Safety, Security, Health and Environment are the corner stones upon which we have laid the foundations for our business. We aim to run our business in such a way that conforms to the highest standards and quality without imposing any unacceptable burdens on our staff, contractor or society as a whole.

Ensuring the safety of our personnel and any operation with which we are charged is one of the main priorities of PAPIS. We have a safety culture, fostered by the company ethics, encouraging work practices such as ‘toolbox talks’, safety committee meetings and a number of other forums which allow opportunities for ‘return on experiences’.

PAPIS is committed to the protection of the environment and considers sound environmental management an integral part of good business practice.

To ensure that each employee has adequate SSHE training as stated in SSHE policy, PAPIS determine and define personal training needs at the time of employment and reassess through the annual appraisal program.

PAPIS provide support to oil and gas producers in areas where civil unrest and terrorism may pose a threat as well as regions of social instability and conflict. PAPIS continues to work towards meeting the objective of ensuring security risks to all persons, company information and image are managed in a structured and systematic manner.

The core of PAPIS’s business lay within the petroleum exploration and production industry. We however, acknowledge our role and responsibility within the community from which we draw our greatest assets and livelihood.