HSE Policy

PAPIS will strive to ensure her activities do not result in any accidents or incidents with consequence for the health and safety of her employees, client personnel, contractors, members of the public and the environment.

Therefore in keeping with this company mission statement, PAPIS shall

  • Ensure that corporate management attaches the highest priority to maintaining sound HSE practices
  • Ensure that HSE standards are meet and where possible exceed all regulatory requirements of host countries
  • Ensure that all hazards associated with our activities are clearly identified and the necessary control measures established through the integration of HSE and the company management systems.
  • Ensure that each employee has adequate HSE awareness and training
  • Provide safe working environment and encourage safe working practices by encouraging the participation of all employees in the prevention and reporting of accidents, incidents, unsafe acts and/or conditions.
  • Prevent all occupational diseases and promote the health of all concerned
  • Through a process of continuous improvement review HSE performance and proactively looking for areas of weakness. Investigate accidents and incidents, identifying root causes and implementing appropriate solutions
  • Ensure all her activities are ecologically sustainable and
  • Make available to the general public our HSE goals and performance.