Geoscience & Reservoir engineering

PAPIS can support or manage the entire geoscience and reservoir engineering requirements of exploration or development projects. 

Geophysics : 

  • Acquisition, processing & interpretation of geophysical data; 
  • Geophysical Inversion & reservoir characterization :  2D, 3D & 4D

Geology & Petrophysics : 

  • Geology & Petrophysical characterisation of reservoirs and modelisation 2D-3D.

Integrated Reservoir Study (IRS) and Reservoir Engineering : 

  • Basin studies at regional and reservoir scales
  • Static & dynamic models by integration of geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics and geological data.
  • Volumetric estimation & uncertainties analysis
  • Hydrocarbons Fields Development & Production Plans 

Data Management :


  • E&P data management (seismic, petrophysics, geology, production,  digital and hard copies , etc)