Mechanical Engineering background and an illustrious carrier prior to joining PAPIS. Ten years in the merchant navy, covering a number of scopes from cadet to chief engineer. Four years with Plant Safety as an inspector before joining Lloyds Register of London and assuming responsibility for pressure plant design review and certification.


Chemical Engineering background and a carrier prior to joining PAPIS, which saw moves from Pharmaceutical giants Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd, in the united kingdom and 3M in North America where he has successfully managed a number of projects.


A background in geology and a carrier prior to joining PAPIS, which afforded Kivuti field development experience from Africa to South East Asia. With an unusually large percentage of areas being jointly developed due to sovereignty issues, Kivuti has amassed an enviable amount of experience in maritime borderline disputes.


A background in chemical engineering and a carrier which has moved from research laboratories to design and construction. Soyombo has a wealth of international experience in the field of process engineering and the operation of onshore and offshore installations.


A background in computer science, but an entrepreneur at heart, Amara, has run a logistic business from Canada, feeding major ports across the world before joining PAPIS, to ensure that our service to the industry will remain second to none.


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